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Personalized Coaching


Personalized training is just that: unique training programs for each athlete based on his or her level of ability, goals, and time available to train. For example, swim, bike, run, and weight workouts are set up each month with the athlete's short and long-term goals in mind. 

Along with the monthly training, there is time for personal one-on-one consultations. If you have any training questions or concerns, your coach is always available to reach you via e-mail. Programs are available on different basis, each one personalized just for you!

About the coaches

Running has been a part of the coaches life, and it has been a valuable asset during the development of his coaching. We have a wealth of information to share with our clients. 

Through his own business in personal training, Sienna also runs training camps for runners and works throughout the year with his clients. Sienna is currently coaching all levels and ages of multisport athletes, from beginner to enthusiast.

About the Programs

Year-long program

The goal of the year-long program is to take you through a complete season. The program provides enough information and guidance to have a successful year. You can then take this knowledge through to subsequent seasons by themselves if so desired.

Each increment in the year-long program lasts six weeks. In addition to a training schedule tailored to your characteristics, it discusses topics relevant to the season phases. 

Why six weeks? This is the perfect amount of time to get into the flow of the training schedule and assimilate the given information. Based on feedback during this period, plans can be adjusted accordingly.

Topics Include:

  • Strength Training
  • Tapering
  • Heart Rate Parameters
  • Racing
  • Nutrition
  • Going Mental (Psychological Concerns)
  • Flexibility Training
  • Off-Season 

Program Cost

  • Per Month (6-month minimum) 300.00/mo
  • Hourly coaching 40.00
  • E-mail time: Twice Monthly

Online 6-weel training

If you prefer a straightforward look at training without all the extra features, this program is for you. The yearly training program is broken down into 6-week increments, takes you through all the proper training phases. Information on strength training, heart rate training, nutrition, technical swim, bike, run, flexibility, and mental activity is available online. Also included is the open question and answer section where you can ask training-related questions.

Each 6-week program builds from the previous, giving you a systematic training program.

Cost: 60.00/ per 6-Week program

9-week program

The purpose of the 9-week program is to offer a semi-custom plan that is economical and yet gives the athlete access to the objective feedback of a coach. The program is tailored to athletes based on their time availability. My coaching experience has proven that a moderately active athlete can maximize performance and minimize injury/burn-out with this 9-week program.

Your 9-Week program includes:

  • Heart Rate Parameters
  • Tapering
  • Racing
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition 

Cost: 150

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