May 9

My training blog


Welcome to my running blog, where I will be adding information about my training and juggling a career and family. I will also be adding new content and resources for all levels of runners and some other stuff I think everyone will like. Thanks for following me, and please let me know if there is anything I can do differently to make my running training page more interesting.

Trisomi represents a collection of instructional services aimed at multisport athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels.

Specializing in running and multisport related services, offers coaching, camps, and experience in the sport. It is the goal of to attract, introduce, and educate participants into a healthy and active lifestyle that incorporates multisport training. To do this, utilizes a network of experts.

The goal of is to provide a unique athletic learning environment. Our camps and online/personal coaching focuses on helping you reach your full potential as an athlete while helping you maintain a balance between day-to-day life and athletic goals. When you follow the training programs, you will improve your training and performance potential and create a healthier lifestyle.


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Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching
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