Training the smart way

Do you need to improve your running performance?

Would you like to become a better runner and you don’t want to leave anything to chance?

Do you want to take into account your personal situation?

Whether you’re starting on you’re first ever competition, or you are a seasoned runner wanting to get more from your training, finding the right coach is an essential step to get going with the right tools, mindset, and injury-free training.

Hi, I am Sienna. I have always been active in sports and fitness in some form or other. When I was younger, I regularly swam and ran — spending most of my youth either in a running track and swimming was outfitting me for marathons and triathlon contests. I was also doing some road and mountain biking on local hills – an advantage of living in a small city.

The most recent years have seen me sharing a passion for running with a local club. I’m not an active member in competing, but more on helping others.

I love running, and I love studying the art of running. I have seen and tried many different running programs, and I know what works and what doesn’t.

I am now able to offer coaching services to individuals. I am continually learning and expanding my skills, and I’m now able to support runners and triathletes in whatever ability needed. I’ve also trained as a life coach.

My favorite element of coaching is undoubtedly watching a person progress with their fitness and in life overall. I always get a buzz from being a part of their journey.

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